Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a unique experience of learning, exploration and self-discovery oriented to balance the most and least mature aspects of each person and find ways to help each individual reach the desired measure of insight, self-awareness and personal realization.


Child Psychotherapy

Our perspective of Mental Health is founded on the principle of prevention. We work with families and children of 3 years old and older treating and preventing emotional and behavioral difficulties that could jeopardize the normal development.

We visit schools and develop intervention plans with parents, teachers and other educational staff for patients who presents difficulties to remain sit, attend, concentrate or because engage in behaviors that disrupt activities in the classroom that negatively affects their learning.

Adult Psychotherapy

Adulthood is always challenging but could be especially difficult. Trauma and pain could be present in places of our interior universe and be apparently silent until the day they show up affecting our ability to be ourselves and perform as family members, workers and members of the community.

We have extensive experience working with adults and senior’s emotional difficulties that appears with no apparent reason and also those caused by stress, extreme change or significant losses.

Family Psychotherapy

Families are unique groups that continually face tremendous challenges to function at their best. Each member of the family has a unique perspective of life experiences and the possibility of reaching agreements could be particularly difficult if we take in account aspects as hierarchy, developmental stage, gender and culture.

Couples Therapy

Rebuilding a relationship or taking separate ways are crossroads that couples could endure at some point. Divorce rate in the United States is about 40% to 50% making the landscape of life commitments not promising. We help couples to identify hot areas of conflict, relational styles that promote disagreements and misunderstanding. A difficult relationship is a red light but failure could be prevented.