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Compassion, empathy, support...

               ... we are deeply committed to serve you.

Welcome to Clarity Mental Health, Inc. Our office is conveniently located in the Downtown of Stamford Connecticut, first floor of the building, we provide transportation for families and individuals with difficulties to commute to their appointments and free Shuttle buses are also available round trip from the train station.

Here, our professionals know that Mental Health is Well-Being and not just the absence of disease or mental disorders.

We help our patients to improve the way the cope with the stresses of life, to be more productive at work and school, to be able to find happiness and to feel entitled to pursuit their full potential as human beings.



Alejandro Molina Rendon, LCSW.

Alejandro Molina Rendon is a Clinical Psychologist graduated in Colombia and a Master in Social Work from New York University. He also has intensive trainings in Gestalt therapy and psychodrama from Argentinean institutions. He has international experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and older persons in the individually and group setting. He believes in the self-realization of the human potential and the pursuit of healthy and meaningful life styles.


Karina Pena-Toledo, MA, LCSW.

I offer individualized and tailored care with strong humanistic approach to the unique challenges and conflicts that bring people to my practice. I graduated as a Clinical Psychologist in Argentina and received my Master Degree in Social Work at NYU. I have extensive clinical training and more than 10 years of experience in this profession that I love. I am aware that the first contact is usually difficult or anxiety-provoking but I will make sure that you feel comfortable and willing to initiate this illuminating journey towards insight, self-reflection and introspective work that will change your life.